CAUSES (Nidan)

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  • Dandruff
  • Sever stress or emotional upsets.
  • Serious illness like typhoid, pneumonia.
  • Pernicious anemia (a deficiency in the normal production of red blood cells due to Vit B12 deficiency).
  • After delivery
  • Medicines used to cure cancer.
  • Using some other modern medicines such as heparin, lithium carbonate, propranolol, carbamazepine, metaprolol, etc.
  • Due to deprivation of protein such as in Kwashiorkor.
  • Due to use of certain other chemical such as thallium, boron etc.
  • In males due to excessive androgen (male hormone) response.
  • In female after the age of 45 during menopause periods.

Heredity and sex hormones also play a significant role.

Balding can occur during any stage of the ageing process. However, it can arise early in a ‘Pitta’ constitution, sometimes in the 20s and often in the 30s. It does not necessarily indicate old age or ill health. It can occur as a sign of disease, particularly in women. It may be caused by emotional trauma, stress, immense anxiety, sudden blood loss, or increased sexual activity. The regular use of drugs and cigarettes can also bring about premature balding.


In Ayurveda the main reason for its occurrence is imbalanced pitta (Bhrajak pitta) and Vata . Imbalanced pitta along with imbalanced Vata affects the hair follicles and cause inflammatory reaction (Shoth). The skin overlying the hair follicles (scalp) becomes thick. As a result, nutrition to the inflamed hair follicle is compromised and the hair breaks off leading to hair loss. Once the hair breaks off, it is believed that due to impurity of blood (vitiated blood) and aggravation of Kapha dosha the new hair follicles are unable to grow.


  • Sudden hair loss
  • Small round or oval patches are seen.


  • Increase in loss of hair continuously with no new growth.