Antibiotics affect children teeth

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Antibiotics affect children teeth

A recent study showed that the common antibiotic (such as amoxicillin for treating infant ear infections) usage in infancy, doubles the children’s risk of suffering a problem later in life with their permanent teeth.

The condition, which arises from antibiotic usage, is “dental fluorosis”. This happens due to the excessive fluoride exposure during teeth enamel formation. The effects on incisors and molars can vary from barely noticeable white flecks to pits and brown strains. These problems can cause serious dental troubles later on in life.

In this study, 579 children are followed from birth to 32 months and 91% used amoxicillin at least once during this period. The study findings revealed that amoxicillin use in infancy could carry some undocumented risk to the developing teeth. Therefore, the use of antibiotics in infancy should be done judiciously.

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