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A multidimensional programme consisting of psychotherapy, drug therapy, dietary management, Yoga and meditation, music therapy and aroma therapy is more effective than drug therapy alone.


Diet that restores Vata and Pitta balance is advised in anxiety. Generally, salty, sour, sweet, oily, hot and heavy food tend to restore Vata balance whereas bitter, sweet, astringic, heavy, cold and dry food tend to restore Pitta balance.

Restores Vata Balance Restores Pitta Balance
Taste Property Taste Property
Salty Oily Bitter Heavy
Sour Hot Sweet Cold
Sweet Heavy Astringent Dry

Diet (Modern Approach)

Yoga and Anxiety

Yoga plays a crucial role in treating Anxiety. Yoga has a holistic approach and its advantages extend to physical, mental and emotional field as well. It restores the mental equilibrium.

Meditation Meditation is an integral part of Yoga. It relaxes the mind, eliminates all the negative thoughts and reinforces positive thoughts.

Breathing techniques or Pranayama Life style modifications change the way you think and help a long way to combat anxiety.