Vata rakta can be classified  into two ways:

a) According to dominant Dosha:

  • Vata dominant
  • Rakta dominant
  • Pitta dominant
  • Kapha dominant

b) According to the structures involved (Charaka):

  • Superficial / Acute (Uttan Vata rakta)

When the pathological (abnormal) changes are limited to the skin and muscles, it is known as Uttan or superficial Vata Rakta. It is characterized by tophi (Vatashma) in skin, itching, burning, pain, pricking sensation, quivering, contraction and reddening of skin.

  • Deep / Chronic (Gambhir Vata Rakta)

In due course, the pathological changes involve other Dhatus (tissues) especially the joints, and is known as Gambhir or deep Vata rakta. It is characterized by swelling, stiffness, intense pain, burning sensation, tenderness, redness and inflammation. Ultimately, there could be deformity of joints and  disability.