Purification treatment (Shodhan chikitsa)

  • Fasting (Langhan) is advisable due to the following reasons.
    • It helps in digesting existing Aam (Pachan)
    • Controls further formation of Aam (Aamotpati Avrodh)
  • Purgation with the help of drugs (Virechan). To remove excessive aam from the digestive system.
  • Shodhan and Kshar vasti for purification of Aam stuck to the walls of large intestine (Brihadantra), which remains unaffected by fasting and drug induced purgation.
  • Dry sweat therapy for purification of Aam that has been brought into circulation by Vata.

The above mentioned processes are aimed at eliminating Aam which is the root cause of the disease.

Vata alleviating treatment

Vata alleviating treatment is advised after elimination of Aam (Niramavastha) and includes [A.Hri.Chi.22:50]:

  • Oil Ingestion. (Sneh Pan)
  • Local application of oil (Sneh) on affected joints.
  • Pain alleviating drugs

Palliative treatment (Shaman chikitsa)

  • Intake of bitter and pungent food.
  • Drugs that increase digestive capability (Deepan).
  • Drugs that aid in digestion (Pachan).
  • Local Application of paste (Lep)  that decrease swelling.
  • Dry Sweat therapy.
  • Pain alleviating drugs.