Is Aspirin safe for asthmatics?

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Is Aspirin safe for asthmatics?

Asthmatics have always been warned against taking aspirin. In order to find what exactly happens if an asthma patient takes aspirin, a study was conducted in the UK. It was observed that when exposed to aspirin the asthma patients developed rhinitis (inflammation of inner lining of nose), sinusitis and breathlessness (Aspirin Induced Asthma).

It is well known that aspirin is one of the most sought drugs for ischemic heart disease (inadequate blood supply to the heart due to obstruction of blood vessels of the heart) and stroke (lack of oxygen in brain leading to paralysis). How would such a situation be tackled in asthma patient?

Researchers suggest that in such cases, Aspirin desensitization could be a possible solution. Desensitisation in such individuals could be done by the administration of Leukotrienes modifying drugs, which prevent the bronchoconstrictive (narrowing of air passages) effect of aspirin.

If such desensitisation procedures are successful, it could enable many asthma patients suffering from ischemic heart disease or stroke to take aspirin safely.

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