The word ‘Asthma’ basically means ‘Panting’. Panting means to breathe quickly and in a labored manner or in other words ‘to gasp for breath’. This labored breathing is always accompanied by a sense of suffocation.

The intensity of breathlessness may vary from person to person, where one person may develop breathlessness on exertion, the other may be unable to speak even a few words due to breathlessness. The phase of breathlessness, is said to be a state of asthmatic attack.

Asthma is often reversible either on its own or with treatment, but in cases with chronic (long standing) asthma the airway inflammation may lead to irreversible obstruction of air flow. This attack may lead to complications which could be serious. Thus asthma refers to episodes of difficulty in breathing accompanied by a sense of suffocation.

Therefore, more scientific and correct definition of asthma is as under :

“Asthma is a variable, obstructive but reversible disease which affects the lumina of air passages.”


Words from the Master of Homeopathy:

Dr. Hahnemann, the father of Homeopathy was a very keen observer. In his book, “The Chronic Diseases”, he has given many observation and notes on the development of Asthma after suppression of skin complaints. Dr. Hahnemann observed in few cases.

Observation I :  A man 30 to 40 yrs of age had been affected with a skin problem long time before, it had been driven away by ointments from which time he became more asthmatic.

Observation II :  A man of 32 yrs had skin problem suppressed by Sulphur ointment and he suffered for 11 months from most violent Asthma until by drinking Birch juice the eruptions was brought back on the 23rd day. These observations of Dr. Hahnemann clearly proves the relation between skin complaint and asthma. Many a times one finds the past history of skin complaints in an asthmatic or asthma may co-exist with skin complaints.