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Healthy Eating For Diabetes

Simple dietary modifications can help a lot in maintaining the optimal blood sugar (glucose) levels. A proper diet puts you in the driver’s seat in your journey towards diabetes control.

While making a diet plan, you should keep the following points in mind:

Calorie intake- It is essential for you to take a well-balanced diet (i.e. […]

Are Your Feet Getting A Healthy Supply Of Blood?

Don’t sit with your legs folded or crossed as it could hamper blood supply to the feet and cause foot related problems.

Don’t Puff Your Way To A Heart Attack!

Smokers have twice the risk of developing Coronary Heart Disease than non-smokers.

Exercise To Make Your Heart Stronger

Exercising regularly increases the threshold of exertion that could precipitate angina. It also increases the ‘good’ cholesterol levels and keeps blood pressure and obesity in check.

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High Protein Snacks

Summer Cardio Workout

Iron Supplements can reduce fatigue

It is well established that iron deficiency results in anemia, which leads to fatigue. However, fatigue in the absence of anemia is relatively common. A recent study finds that giving iron supplements to women with fatigue (without anemia) reduced symptoms after one month. This study showed 29% decrease in fatigue in the group taking […]

9 Quick Tricks that Cut Calories