Madhumeha is characterized by increased frequency of urination, with the presence of glucose in urine, which in Ayurvedic texts was referred to as (Prabhootavil mootrata). [Va.Ni.10] meaning excess amount of dirty urine.
Normal sound is produced due to the involvement of Pran Vayu & Udan Vayu (Doshas) and Chest & Throat (Body parts). Both Udan and Pran vayu are known to reside in the chest and throat.
Graha Chikitsa is a branch of ayurveda which deals with diseases of the mind. Unmad is a psychiatric disorder and can be correlated with Psychosis
There are eight main branches of Ayurveda, popularly known as ‘Ashtang Ayurveda’.

Nature has provided you an identity, individuality since birth. Living in harmony with nature and following what nature has decided for you signifies that you value your uniqueness.
There are certain minor ailments and conditions from which you can get relief with the help of natural cures