Better oral hygiene with tea

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Better oral hygiene with tea

Health benefits of tea seem to be adding up day by day. Two recent studies have shown that tea may be effective at fighting bacteria and preventing bad breath. In one of the studies the researchers mixed the green tea extracts with different types of bacteria including those bacterias, which cause throat infection and tooth decay. It was observed that green tea inhibited the bacterial growth.

During the same study it was also observed that toothpaste and mouthwash on their own were less effective in fighting off bacterias but when green tea extract was added to them the bacterias were nearly eliminated. The researchers said that these health benefits of tea are related to the presence of polyphenol (antioxidants that prevent the cells from damage). Tea is naturally rich in flavonoids (a group of polyphenol), which help in fighting off the viruses, bacterias and various forms of cancer.

In yet another study the researchers mixed black tea extract with three types of bacterias (that cause bad odor in mouth) and kept it for 2 days and compared it with bacterias with no tea extract. It was found that the black tea extract inhibited the bacterial growth by as much as 30% and also decreased the production of compounds that are responsible for bad breath. Hence, the researchers suggest that rinsing mouth with black tea may be beneficial for oral hygiene as it prevents plaque formation, inhibits the bacterial growth in mouth and suppresses the bad smelling compounds released by these pathogens

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