Person developing the degenerative changes in the cervical region will not experience any symptoms or discomfort, the symptoms will appear only when the cervical nerves are compressed or injured or stretched. Symptoms include :


  • neck pain which may radiate to arms and shoulder.


  • neck is held rigid with restricted head movements and neck stiffness which progressively worsens.


  • headaches particularly at the back of the head.


  • loss of sensation, or abnormal sensations in the shoulder or arms.


  • muscle weakness, wasting and reflex impairment (decreased muscle strength) in the shoulder, arms, or hands.


  • loss of balance, giddiness, vertigo, ear noise or buzzing.


  • loss of control of the bladder and bowel movements, if spinal cord is compressed.


  • clumsy, numb hands, increasing tendency to trip and inability to climb stairs.