Homeopathic Approach



The basic approach in Homeopathy is to evaluate Arthritis in its whole extent, that is giving consideration and value to all the symptoms which might be inter related to one another and characterizing a case as an individual.

A lot of emphasis is given to the patient as a whole besides minutely studying various aspects of Arthritis. The homeopathic approach is to boost up the defense mechanism which fights off the allergens helping the body to restore health. There is no single specific remedy for all the cases of Arthritis, therefore it becomes important to individualize each and every case. Arthritis is not curable but it can certainly be controlled.


The Homeopathic Remedies should be taken under the supervision of a qualified Homeopathic Consultant as self-treatment might complicate the case.

Homeopathic treatment in Arthritis will depend upon :

I. Cause of the disease

II. Symptoms of the disease

III. Arthritis associated with other conditions

IV. Psychosomatic Aspect of Arthritis