Symptoms of the disease



II. Symptoms of the disease


Any disease results in altered sensations and functions. According to homeopathy these altered sensations and functions are unique or characteristic to every person, therefore it is important to make ‘diagnosis of the person’ than make ‘diagnosis of disease’. For example in a person suffering from Arthritis to take out an individual picture it is important to know:


  • Location of pain : Which joint is involved, which side is affected
  • Extension of pain : Whether the pain is restricted to the joint affected or it extends to other parts of body.
  • Nature of pain : How does the pain feel to the patient- aching, bursting, bruising, burning, constricting , crushing, needle like, numbing, piercing, shooting, stinging, stabbing, throbbing, wandering, etc.
  • What makes his condition or symptoms worse (aggravating factors) or better (ameliorating factors).
  • Any other associated symptoms (concomitant symptoms) like swelling in body, burning in legs, chilly feeling, fever, loss of weight, varicose veins, eye problem, urine problem, palpitation etc.


It becomes important to have a complete symptom picture in each individual case as the patient will present with different set of symptoms (individual set) which will finally help in selection of the medicine.


Some Homeopathic medicines that may help in different forms of arthritis are :


Depending on individual symptoms
For Rheumatoid arthritis Aconite, Bryonia, Causticum, Cimicifuga, Guaicum, Kali bichromicum, Kalmia, Mercurius, Nitric acid, Pulsatilla, Rhododendron, Rhus tox, Stellaria
For Arthritis deformans Causticum, Cimicifuga, Caulophyllum, Cinchona, Guaicum, Iodum, Kali iodatum, Kali bromatum, Lycopodium, Natrum sulph, Radium, Rhus tox, Sepia, Sulphur
For gout Abrotanum, Aconite, Benzoic acid, Bryonia, Cajuputum, Chinimum sulph, Colchicum, Guaicum, Ledum, Lithium Carb, Lycopodium, Oxalic acid, Pulsatilla, Rhus tox, Sabina, Sulphur, Uric acid
Gonorrheal arthritis Argentum metallicum, Daphne, Irisin, Kali bichromicum, Kali iodatum, Medorrhinum, Phytolaca, Pulsatilla, Sarsapiralla, Thuja
Tubercular arthritis Bacillinum, Tuberculinum, Phosphorous, Phosphoric acid
Syphiltic arthritis Belladonna, Colchicum, Kali bichromicum, Kali iodatum, Mezereum, Phytolaca, Sarsaparilla, Silicea
Lupus Ammonium arsenicum, Arsenic album, Hydrocotyle, Thuja


Cervical Spondylosis
Aesculus, Aethusa, Agaricus, Alumina, Anacardium, Argentum metallicum, Arsenic album, Belladonna, Bryonia, Calcarera carb, Camphor, Carbo veg, Causticum, Cicuta, Conium, Dulcamara, Fluoric acid, Gelsemium, Graphites, Helleborus, Lac can, Lycopodium, Magnesia phos, Mercurius, Nux moschata, Phosphoric acid, Phytolaca, Pulsatilla, Rhododendron, Silicea, Zinc metallicum


Pain in Neck  
due to neck injury Agaricus, Arnica, Bryonia, Causticum, Rhus tox, Staphysagria
at night time Kalmia, Lachesis, Oleander, Pulsatilla, Silicea, Zinc metallicum
while bending head forward Cimicifuga, Graphites, Stannum metallicum
better with bending head forward Gelsemium, Sanicula
while bending head backward Belladonna, Chelidonium, Cicuta, Cyclamen, Kali carb, Lycopodium
better with bending head backward Cyclamen, Lac can, Lyssin, Syphilinum
from lifting Argentum nitricum, Calcarera carb, Lilium tig, Sepia
while turning the head Aesculus, Agaricus, Alumina, Belladonna, Bryonia, Chelidonium, Cocculus, Colocynth, Hypericum, Rhus tox, Sulphur
with stiffness of cervical (neck) region Aesculus, Agaricus, Alumina, Anacardium, Antimonium tart, Argentum metallicum, Arsenic alb, Belladonna, Bryonia, Calcarera carb, Carbo veg, Causticum, Cimicifuga, Ignatia, Kali carb, kali phos, Lachesis, Ledum pal, Nitric acid, Nux vomica, Phosphorus, Phytolacca, Pulsatilla, Rhus tox, Sepia, Silicea, Staphysagria, Sulphur, Thuja
turning head on Ammonium mur, Bryonia, Calcarera carb, Chelidonium, Colocynth, Dulcamara
with vertigo Agaricus, Conium, Rhus tox, Staphysagria