• Can osteoporosis be detected by X-ray ?

Yes, it can be detected by x-ray but only in the advance stage. Nearly 30-40% of bone mass must be lost before changes to be evident in a plain X-ray film.


  • I am a 40 year female. what should I do to avoid osteoporosis ?

Risk of developing osteoporosis can be minimised by ensuring that your diet is providing you with adequate protein, calcium and vitamin D. Certain lifestyle modifications such as physical activity, weight-bearing exercises, avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol intake are also very helpful.


  • I am a 55 year female suffering from osteoporosis. My doctor advised me to take hormones after which my menstruation started again. What should I do ?

It can happen after starting hormone replacement  therapy (estrogen and progesterone). With continuous therapy, it usually stops after a few episodes. However, consultation with a doctor is required to exclude atypical uterine bleeding.


  • How can osteoporosis be detected at an early stage ?

This can be done by DEXA (dual energy x-ray absorptiometry) or QCT (quantitative computed tomography) that measure bone mineral density.


  • I am a 55 year old female having diabetes. Off and on I have pain in my back. Does this indicate that I have osteoporosis ?

You might be having osteoporosis. Uncontrolled diabetes mellitus may cause osteoporosis especially after menopause. Bone density measurement can show how much demineralisation has taken place. You should consult your doctor to check whether your backache is due to osteoporosis or due to some other cause.