Shalabhasana breathing

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Shalabhasana breathing

I. Starting position

  • Lie down on your abdomen, legs together, hands stretched out over the head and chin touching the floor.
  • Make fists of your hands with thumbs tucked in and place them underneath the thighs.

II. Practice

Stage 1 (Ardha shalabhasana breathing)

  • While breathing in, raise the right leg up as far as comfortable without bending the knee.
  • While breathing out, return the right leg back on to the floor slowly.
  • Repeat with the left leg in the same way.
  • This is one round. Practise ten rounds.

Stage2 (shalabhasana breathing)

  • While breathing in, this time raiseĀ both legs togetherĀ as far as you can.
  • While breathing out, bring them back on to the floor slowly.
  • This is one round. Practise ten rounds.


  • Take firm support of your fists while raising one leg or both legs. Accordingly, place the fists so that you can take maximum support.
  • Do not bend the knees.
  • In case of Ardha shalabhasana, the leg on the floor should be relaxed and straight.
  • Do not strain or exert yourself.
  • Keep your eyes closed.
  • Synchronize movements with breathing.