Can gum diseases be predicted?

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Can gum diseases be predicted?

Yes! A recent study shows that a simple blood test can also predict periodontal (gum) disease risk. 7450 men and women participated in the study conducted by researchers of Japan. All the participants received blood tests 37 times including cholesterol and C-reactive protein, which are commonly linked with heart diseases and diabetes. The blood tests results were compared with the participant’s oral health by using community periodontal index score. The community periodontal index score (CPI) represents periodontal disease indicators that relate to the condition.

The study showed a correlation between the blood tests and CPI scores. It was found that the patients who had normal blood results for general health also had normal oral health scores. Similarly, those who had abnormal blood test results were more likely to have poor oral health.

The researchers says “these findings mean that in the future when patients visit their medical doctors for a routine check-up and annual blood work, they must also be referred to a periodontist for a periodontal screening if blood indicates systemic abnormalities.”

The findings also indicate that men show serious symptoms of periodontal diseases as compare to women, but the researchers are uncertain about the gender difference. Only reason they could think was that men and women have different endocrine situations, which influence periodontal disease. Researchers also found a strong relationship between C-reactive protein and periodontal disease in women. Previous studies have shown C-reactive protein values dropped significantly after periodontal treatment.

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