Walnuts beneficial for diabetics

According to a new research done by Australian nutritionists, walnuts may help in improving cholesterol levels in people with type 2 Diabetes.

In the study, the researchers enrolled 55 people with type 2 diabetes, and divided them in following three groups:

Low fat diet daily
Modified low fat diet daily (to include food items rich in polyunsaturated […]

Laughter – the best medicine

A recent research has confirmed that laughter is still the best medicine and has a positive effect on blood vessels. The research scientists found that watching a funny movie had a healthy effect on blood vessel function and allows them to expand and contract more effectively in response to changes in blood flow. On […]

Meditation helps in lowering blood pressure

A study done on African Americans has revealed that transcendental meditation (a particular mind-body technique) is an effective alternative to blood-pressure lowering medication. The researchers said that one can lower his/her blood pressure naturally by using this mind-body technique (transcendental meditation).

Transcendental meditation is a technique for calming the body and mind. It does not […]

Walnut – For an Healthy Heart?

Recent research has shown that Walnuts, which are already known to be beneficial in lowering LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) may also help to restore elasticity in damaged arteries. A healthy artery is elastic i.e. if the amount of blood flow through the artery increases (as may happen when the heart beats faster) it […]

Low Back Pain exercises should match patient’s Directional Preference

According to a recently conducted study, Low Back Pain (LBP) patients should be trained in exercise that matches their directional preference (DP). Directional preference is defined (for patients with LBP) as exercise in a specific plane that decreases lumbar pain or the radiation of pain.

In the study, 312 patients of acute, subacute or chronic […]

Tai chi exercises– Ancient Chinese martial art may improve balance, physical functioning and ease arthritis pain

The ancient Chinese martial art of tai chi has gained interest in the last few years as a preventive to falls that often leas to broken bones in the frail elderly. Researchers think that tai chi exercises help arthritis patients to improve their balance, enhance blood circulation, and ease the pain. Tai chi, also […]

Diet rich in milk may reduce heart disease risk

A recent study has revealed that a diet high in milk may protect against stroke and other heart diseases. These results contradicted the earlier findings which claimed that high dairy product intake may increase the risk of heart diseases. The study also revoked previous claims that milk raises blood cholesterol level and also increases […]

Low glycemic index foods better than low-fat diet

A recently conducted small study done at Boston revealed that foods with a low GI (glycemic index), which are digested relatively slowly and causes smaller rise in blood sugar, may protect the heart and blood vessels better than low-fat diet/foods.

In this study, 23 obese young adults are enrolled and are instructed to follow either […]

Chromium supplements beneficial for diabetics

According to a recent clinical study reports, chromium supplements may be good for the heart in people with type 2 diabetes. These supplements lead to a shortening of a harmful heart rhythm, which in turn may lower the cardiovascular risk in type 2 diabetics. The heart rhythm disturbance known as a prolonged QT interval […]