Combination drugs for Migraine

Results of a recently concluded study showed that a combination of sumatriptan and an anti-inflammatory drug (naproxen) provides significantly greater pain relief as compared to either drug alone. Triptans have proven to be very effective in treating the pain associated with migraine and aborting the future attacks. However, triptans do not appear to have an [...]

Newer therapies for Type 2 Diabetes

In a clinical study, done at Dallas Diabetes and Endocrine Center researchers assessed the effects of oral insulin on type 2 diabetes patients. They found that the treatment with inhaled insulin or exenatide (an injectable drug) provide better blood sugar control. In the study, 309 patients are enrolled and oral insulin is either added or [...]

Diabetes gene found in an Iceland study

A gene is identified through the study of Iceland’s comprehensive records, which is supposed to be responsible for the predisposition of type 2 diabetes. According to the study researchers, a single genetic change (in this identified gene variant TCF7L2)) could predispose almost 40% of the population to type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is a [...]

Integrated therapy for knee arthritis

A recently published study report (by Taiwanese researchers) has shown that the therapy that includes exercise, ultrasound and hyaluronan injections is very effective in relieving pain and disability caused by knee osteoarthritis. The researchers believed that all the components of this integrated approach helped in reducing the pain and inflammation of knee. Hyaluronan injections provided [...]

Risks associated with blood thinners rise with age

A new study revealed that the risk of bleeding and thromboembolism (blood clots) increases with age in people who use anticoagulants. Anticoagulants are an important class of drugs, which thins the blood and helps in preventing clot forming (also delays the growth of already formed clots) which in turn reduces the risk of heart attacks [...]

Heavy teens have higher blood lipid levels

We all know that the weight gain has a direct relationship with lipid levels. In order to find out whether the same rule is applicable to teens also, a study is conducted on 400 high-school students. The study researchers discovered that teens, who had higher amounts of body fat were also more likely to have [...]

Impact of cell phones on Health

Modern technology and technological advances are often greeted with suspicion. The current commodity in this list is cell phone. There are wide spreading rumors about the serious side effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted from cell phones. Two important organs on which the effects of these radiations are studied in great details are brain and heart. [...]

Vitamin B6 in prevention of colorectal cancer in women

According to a study from Harvard Medical School, women with higher intakes of vitamin B6 either from food or supplements may be less likely to develop colon or rectum cancer. The findings of this study are very promising. For this study, researchers analyzed the blood samples taken in 1989 from nearly 33,000 women. They measured [...]

Passive smoking: Unsafe in any amount

To examine the effects of secondhand or passive smoking, Japanese researchers exposed 30 healthy male medical students, to environmental smoke in a room for 30 minutes. The room used in this study was actually a smoker’s room very near to the hospital. Each volunteer underwent through a series of medical tests including heart rate, blood [...]

Tests for detecting “masked” hypertension

Masked hypertension can be defined as high blood pressure that is not detected during testing in the clinical setting. Masked hypertension is apparently the opposite of “white-coat” hypertension as a person has normal blood pressure in the doctor’s chamber but high blood pressure outside of the clinical set-up. According to a new study, home blood [...]