New diagnostic technique for breast tumours

Manipal hospital’s Comprehensive Cancer Centre and its Department of Nuclear Medicine have jointly launched an innovative technique called ROLL (Radioisotope Occult Lesion Localisation) for the benefit of patients with suspicious breast lumps and early stage breast cancers. The Department of Nuclear Medicine has invested in a special hand-held gamma probe, which helps the surgeons in [...]

Genes influence heart patients response for drugs

According to a recent research conducted at University of Florida, heart failure patients can have genetic variations that determine whether they will tolerate the common heart drugs (beta-blockers) or not. In another study the researchers identified certain genes which influences whether the beta blockers successfully restore the heart to a more normal shape and size [...]

Wine and beer elevates blood pressure

According to a new study red wine (despite of its alleged health benefits) raises the blood pressure to the same extent as drinking beer. The study researchers examined the effects of beer, red wine and de-alcohlized wine consumption on the blood pressure of 28 healthy, normotensive, nonsmoking men. In a four week study period the [...]

Waistline – better indicator of diabetes

A new research suggests that a man’s waist size seems to be a stronger indicator of diabetes risk than the Body Mass Index (BMI). The study was done on a group of 27,270 men, tracked over 13 years. All the subjects were put into 5 different groups depending on their waist size. Their waist circumference [...]

Aspirin – safe over – the-counter medicine for migraine

Results of a new study indicate that aspirin is a safe and effective treatment option for acute migraine. In this prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial the researchers assessed the efficacy of a 1000mg single dose of aspirin versus placebo in the treatment of acute migraine with or without aura. Total 401 migraine (confirmed diagnosis) patients [...]

Low-tar cigarettes are also dangerous

A new study appeared In British Medical Journal shows that the risk of lung cancer is same for the people who smoke medium, low-tar or very low-tar cigarettes. These results indicated that the different claims made by manufacturing companies regarding the benefits of medium or low tar cigarettes are just not right, and they are [...]

Inhaled insulin

For the past 80 years sub cuteneous (s/c) injection has been the only way of delivering insulin to diabetes patients. This is even after knowing that s/c insulin administration does not lead to optimal pharmacodynamic properties (the absorption into blood stream is not rapid) of insulin. Immediately after the discovery of insulin, various routes for [...]

Hyperglycemia associated with poor cognitive performance

Acute hyperglycemia (high blood glucose levels) is a common event among patients of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. According to a latest study, acute hyperglycemia is associated with mild cognitive dysfunction. The researchers felt that the cognitive-motor slowing associated with hypoglycemia is well documented; the acute effects of hyperglycemia have not been studied extensively, [...]

Hepatitis B Vaccine

According to a report published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, three doses of hepatitis B vaccines are adequate to protect against the infection for at least 15 years. The previous reports have shown that hepatitis B vaccine provides protection for 10 years only. However the follow-up period of this study was 15 years and [...]

Poor sugar control linked with erectile function

According to a recent study, poor sugar control can affect the sexual performance problems, in diabetic men with erectile problems. It simply means that poor sugar control will further worsen the problem of sexual performance in diabetics with erectile problems. However, this is the first study which explores the relationship between sugar control and erectile [...]