Diaper rash – Management and treatment

The ultimate goal in management of diaper rash is prevention. This can be achieved through: Maintaining skin integrity to prevent damage to the stratum corneum (the skin’s barrier). Keeping the baby dry which means frequent diaper changes. It is the ideal way to treat and prevent irritant diaper dermatitis. The frequency of diaper dermatitis decreases [...]

Diaper rash – care and prevention

Diaper rash/dermatitis is one of the most common skin disorders in infants and toddlers. Diaper rash may occur at any time, to any child, and to the most meticulous parents. It occurs most frequently between 9 and 12 months of age. Its etiology is multifactorial and a diaper rash may present in various conditions in [...]

Hectic work schedule can cause heart diseases

According to a recent research hectic work schedules can lead to premature death (especially if one does not follow a regular eating or exercise routine). This study further affirmed that one should eat on time and exercise regularly in order to remain healthy, fit and fine. Study researchers have found that a very high percentage [...]

Medicinal values of turmeric/haldi (Curcuma longa)

Curcumin is the biologically active component of turmeric plant (a member of the ginger family). Besides its well-known culinary history, it has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for several years in India for various medical conditions including common cold, cough, jaundice, and upper respiratory disorders. Recently it has been reported that turmeric can also be [...]

TB comeback as a global threat

Medical science has shown tremendous improvement in the treatment of many dreadful diseases, including polio. But in spite of making such great leaps, it has failed to wipe out one of the world’s oldest and most awful disease called Tuberculosis (TB). According to an estimate TB is putting to death around 0.6 million people every [...]

Increased incidences of Heart Attacks during holidays

We go for holidays to relax and celebrate for some days but the stress of last minute packing, arguing over petty things and busy airports, makes them a season of headaches instead. But the point is that, is there any relation between holidays stress and heart attacks? According to some scientists of University of California, [...]

Finger test can catch early signs of Heart Disease

Heart diseases have become a very common even in young people. Risk of developing heart disease is no longer just a hereditary factor; hectic and sedentary lifestyles also contribute to its development. Screening of people for heart diseases could help in prevention of heart disease. Researchers have found that a simple fingertip probe could reveal [...]

Lack of sleep can lead to Obesity

Work pressure, competition, shift works and hectic lifestyle, fueled with sleep loss is increasing the obesity charts; according to a new study. It concludes that the lack of sleep brings about physiological changes in the hormonal signals that promote hunger and perhaps leads to obesity. Another similar study concludes that chronic sleep loss triggers hormones [...]