Chromium supplements beneficial for diabetics

According to a recent clinical study reports, chromium supplements may be good for the heart in people with type 2 diabetes. These supplements lead to a shortening of a harmful heart rhythm, which in turn may lower the cardiovascular risk in type 2 diabetics. The heart rhythm disturbance known as a prolonged QT interval has been linked to fatal heart arrhythmias. Therefore, the changes in QT interval observed with chromium supplementation in patients with type 2 diabetes may also translate into better survival.

Total 60 diabetics are enrolled in this study and they are divided in two treatment groups. The first treatment group (of 30 subjects) is instructed to take 1000 microgram of chromium for 3 months followed by an inactive agent (placebo) for next 3 months. The second treatment group (of 30 subjects) started with 3 month placebo, followed by the 3 month chromium supplement therapy.

The QT interval at the start of the trial was similar in both the treatment groups (422 milliseconds in the first treatment group and 425 in the second group). However after 3 months the QT interval was significantly shorter in the supplementation group (406 milliseconds) as compared to the placebo group. Similar results were seen in the next three months, when the second group tool chromium supplements.

Finally the study proved that increased intake of chromium may lower cardiovascular risk in type 2 diabetics. Furthermore it also decreases the blood insulin levels.

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