Exercise & COPD

  • A COPD patient should not avoid physical activity if his symptoms are well controlled.
  • A COPD patient with disability and who develops breathlessness on exertion, should not exceed his safe limits, as determined by exercise testing.
  • Patients with COPD should undergo regular exercise program, as part of therapy to maintain the lung capacity (lung functions).
  • Patients with severe COPD should be included in supervised exercise programme (pulmonary rehabilitation) and should be taught breathing exercises (like pursed lip breathing and diaphragmatic breathing).
  • Exercise programme for other body parts (chest, upper limbs and lower limbs) can also be chalked out, so as to improve exercise tolerance.
  • Warm Up before exercising by stretching exercises or starting the routine at a slower pace. Do Cool Down activities at the end of the exercise routine.
  • Exercise at your own pace and stop exercising if you experience a problem.