Myths on COPD



  • COPD is a hereditary disorder known to run in families.
COPD is not a hereditary disorder as in a majority of patients, the disease occurs due to cigarette smoking. A small population of individuals with known genetic defect (a1-antitrypsin deficiency) can have familial emphysema.
  • Smoking cessation after development of COPD is not useful.
Smoking cessation is useful (at any stage) even after COPD has developed, as it will prevent the further progression of the disease.
  • COPD, once developed can never be controlled.
This is a very wrong notion as with the regular use of medicines, most of the symptoms can be controlled and daily activities can be carried out in a normal manner.
  • Inhalers used in COPD are addicting. 
With the correct use of inhalers the disease can be efficiently controlled and the patient can lead a near normal life.
  • Inhalers are used in patients with end stage disease (COPD).
It is a myth, as inhalers are the most useful and efficacious form of treatment with very few or no side effects. These should be prescribed as early as possible for controlling symptoms.
  • Chronic bronchitis / COPD is  a disease of the winters. 
It is not true, as these patients can suffer from COPD throughout the year.