Recent studies have shown that Type 2 diabetes patient can significantly reduce (up to 50%) the risk of developing diabetes related complications (such as heart disease, kidney failure, eye problems and nerve damage) if they follow a healthy lifestyle along with drugs and a vitamin schedule.

Experts say that in addition to eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly a prescribed medication plan (including drugs to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, vitamins and aspirin) may help the patient to drastically cut off the risk of developing disease related complications.

In fact the combination therapy (developed at the University of Copenhagen) tested for 8 years on 160 diabetic patients (who were at potential risk of developing complications) showed that 70% of patients on combination therapy attained “low-risk” cholesterol levels, 60 per cent achieved ideal triglycerides levels, and more than 50% showed significant reduction in blood pressure.

Hence, people suffering from diabetes can consult their doctors for initiating combination therapy.