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Parameter : Management Principle

Homeopathy Allopathy Ayurveda
Early detection of Alopecia and its timely treatment can control the problem. The main objective is to:

  • prevent further hair loss
  • restore the lost hair
  • educate the person to identify the problem early

As there are no disease specific remedies in Homeopathy, the selection of medicine is based on the totality of symptoms presented by the patient giving more importance to psychological aspect.

The main objective is to:

  • Prevent further hair loss
  • Restore the lost hair
  • Achieve a cosmetic change
  • Counseling if required to learn to deal with the permanent hair loss
  • Educate the person to identify the problem early
There are many causes for hair loss and the proper treatment depends upon the root cause of hair loss, which varies from person to person. Elimination of the cause is required. Drugs specific for treating Alopecia: internal and external application are advised along with rejuvenation therapy.Blood letting is done preceded by oleation and sweat inducing therapy.