Lifestyle modifications

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Parameter : Lifestyle Modifications

Homeopathy Allopathy Ayurveda
Patient is encouraged to follow a healthy lifestyle which should include: ·       The aim of asthma management is to maintain normal activity levels. The attack precipitating factors are to be avoided and certain life style modifications like Stress relaxation techniques, yoga specially Pranayam and exercises as advised are to be adopted along with the conventional therapy to have a better control of disorder and to minimize its adverse effects and to increase lung capacity.
·       Identifying and avoiding the allergen (at home or outside home) responsible for asthma. ·       The patient is encouraged to do regular and suitable exercises.
·       Proper dietary intake. ·       Agents (food and environmental allergens, chemicals or drugs) known to cause acute asthmatic attacks are to be avoided.
·       Mild exercise (as advised by the doctor). ·       Healthy eating habits are encouraged.