Management principle

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Parameter : Management Principle

Homeopathy Allopathy Ayurveda
The main objective is to see that the patient is:

  • Free of symptoms and having easy breathing (i.e. having the best possible lung function)
  • Having a comfortable sleep at night.
  • Able to participate actively in activities of his choice.
  • Prevented from missing work or school.
  • Prevented from hospitalization and emergency visits.
  • Well aware about the nature of his disease and its control. Family members and friends also have to be educated.
Goals of management are to:

  • Prevent chronic and troublesome symptoms.
  • Maintain (near) ‘normal’ pulmonary functions
  • Maintain normal activity levels (including exercise and other physical activities)
  • Prevent recurrent attacks of asthma and minimize the need for hospitalization.
  • Provide optimal drug therapy with minimal side effects.
  • Meet patients and family’s expectation of satisfaction with asthma care.
From treatment point of view Asthmatic patients are divided into two types:

  • Balwan or Kapha dominant
  • Weak or vat dominant

If patient is Kapha dominant or Balwan Aptarpan chikitsa, vaman, virechan and shwas curing specific drugs are given.

If patient is weak and disorder is vat dominant then Santarpan chikitsa, therapy that restores vat balance are advised.