Lifestyle modifications

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Parameter : Lifestyle Modifications

Homeopathy Allopathy Ayurveda
Patient is encouraged to follow a healthy lifestyle which should include: Lifestyle modification is the mainstay of COPD treatment. It involves: Life style modifications like Yoga especially breathing exercise (Pranayam) Kunjal, Jal Neti yogasanas are to be incorporated to lead a better and an easier life. Dietary modifications are mandatory along with conventional drug therapy.
·       Quitting smoking ·       Smoking Cessation.
·       Identifying and avoiding the factors (at home or outside home) responsible for COPD ·       Dietary Modifications.
·       Actively practicing some form of exercise, along with proper and healthy nutrition, to significantly improve the quality of life. ·       Exercises for Respiratory Muscle Training.
·       Breathing Retraining ·       Learning to accept the disorder and the limitations imposed by it and adapting to make the best of the situation.
·       Pulmonary rehabilitation which will include exercise training, psychological support and educational programme.
·       Oxygen therapy as and when required.