Management principle

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Parameter : Management Principle

Homeopathy Allopathy Ayurveda
The objectives of treatmentare to: Hair Care In Ayurveda for Darunak following treatment has been mentioned: Oleation therapy, sweat induced therapy, blood letting and massage of the scalp along with the conventional drug therapy and few home remedies to be used externally.
·       control dandruff ·       Proper scalp hygiene
·       prevent complications ·       Use an antifungal shampoo
·       educate the person to identify the problem early ·       Use a conditioner
As there are no disease specific medicine in Homeopathy, the selection of medicine is based on the totality of symptoms presented by the patient giving more importance to psychological aspect. ·       Avoid gels, sprays and other products that are alcohol based and dry the scalp
Dietary Care
·       Regular meals and a balanced diet.
·       Avoid excess salt, alcohol, sugar
Stress management