Management principle

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Parameter : Management Principle

Homeopathy Allopathy Ayurveda
The main objective: The goals pf treatment are to: Hypertension alleviating specific Ayurvedic drugs or herbs are given.Vat Vyadhi treatment and Shirodhara therapy are prescribed as well.
·       to keep the blood pressure under control ·       Control the blood pressure at a desired level
·       detection and removal of the cause ·       Prevent organ damage
·       prevent natural complications of the disease ·       Prevent the sequale of hypertension
·       educating the patient. ·       Decrease disability
As there are no disease specific remedies in Homeopathy, the selection of remedy is based on the totality of symptoms presented by the patient giving more importance to psychogenic aspect. This is achieved by:
·       Regular and adequate medication
·       Lifestyle changes
·       Regular Checkups with the doctor
·       Home monitoring of blood pressure
·       Patient and family education