Cooking food at low temperature could be beneficial for diabetics

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Cooking food at low temperature could be beneficial for diabetics

A recent research conducted in US has found that cooking food at a higher temperature could be harmful for diabetics and increase their risk for blood vessel problems.

US experts say that cooking food at high temperature increases the levels of certain toxic chemicals known as “advanced glycation end products” (AGEs). These AGEs are formed when combinations of sugars, proteins and fats – usually found in many foodstuffs) – are heated. AGEs can also be formed from the sugars, proteins and fats circulating in the bloodstream.

Studies have shown that when certain body tissues (such as in the blood vessel wall) are exposed to this toxic component for a long period of time, they may lose their normal elasticity. This may cause hardening of arteries allowing deposition of fats, which ultimately results in blocking of arteries and related problems.

Although healthy people may be able to cope up with these chemicals, diabetics may not be able to do so. High blood sugar levels in diabetics offer more opportunity for the generation of AGEs hence increasing the risk of developing heart disease. The AGEs formed in cooked food (at high temperature) further adds to the problem.

In fact, a study was conducted to find out whether AGEs is generated only within the body or whether AGEs formed while cooking can get into the blood and contribute to the above process. It was found that diabetics who cooked food in a normal fashion had significantly higher levels of AGEs in their bloodstreams than those who cooked food at a low temperature. They also showed higher levels of another chemical linked to inflammation of the tissue that makes up the blood vessel wall.

AGEs may be still more harmful for diabetics with “end-stage” kidney problems, as their kidneys will be less capable of removing excess amounts of this chemical.

Experts are of the opinion that AGEs do probably have a major role to play – but some more studies will have to be conducted to prove this. Therefore, consider cooking food using the ‘LOW’ tab of your gas burner. It might take a little longer, but if you have diabetes, it might make a difference in checking further complications.

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