Angina Pectoris – Symptoms

Chest pain or Discomfort – The usual site of pain or discomfort is central part of chest . But it may also be felt (radiation) in left shoulder, left arm and even in hands. Uncommonly the pain may radiate to the lower jaw, neck or upper part of abdomen (epigastrium). The discomfort could be expressed as a sense of heaviness or tightness in the chest or as a squeezing, choking or burning sensation (therefore, sometimes confused with heart burn).

The symptoms of angina are typically brought on by physical exertion (exercise, walking upstairs, sexual activity) or emotional exertion (anger, stress) and relieved by rest. Sometimes it may happen at rest (unstable angina). It may also be precipitated by heavy meal, cold or lying flat. These symptoms usually lasts for 1-5 minutes and may be more marked in the morning.