Similar Conditions

It is important to note that every chest pain or upper abdominal pain is not angina. There are many unrelated conditions which mimic anginal pain, so there is no need for too much apprehension. A professional advice is always better.

Some unrelated conditions which mimic anginal pain include:

  1. Gastritis, reflux oesophagitis (heart burn) and peptic ulcer pain – This type of pain is usually associated with heavy meals and is relieved by medication (antacid or H2 receptor blockers).

  2. Costochondritis – Inflammation of the costochondral junction (where ribs unite with sternum or the breast bone at the center of chest cage) can cause chest pain. This pain can be reproduced by applying local pressure.

  3. Neuritis – Inflammation of nerves lying along the ribs as in case of herpes zoster (a viral disease) may cause pain that is similar to anginal pain.

  4. Cervical and thoracic spine diseases – Compression of dorsal nerve root may cause similar type of pain but the pain is associated with specific movements.

  5. Pleuritis – Inflammation of pleura (membrane covering of lungs) can also cause similar pain but this type of pain typically gets worse on deep breathing and may be associated with fever and cough.