• Elimination of the cause.
  • Rest – mental and physical.
  • Dietary modifications.
  • Palliative and purification treatment.

o    In Vatik heart disorder Punarnavadhya Ghrit (Ghee), Haritkyadhya Ghrit or Tryushnadhya Ghrit is given. It alleviates aggravated Vat.

o    In Paitik heart disorder drug induced purgation (Virechan) is followed by intake of Pitta alleviating drugs are given. Take these drugs with honey or currants or sugar.

o    In Kaphaj heart disorder drug induced vomiting (Vaman) is advised. It is followed by Kapha alleviating treatment. Intake of Chyavan Prash, Brahma Rasayan or/and Amalaki Rasayan is advisable.

o    In Tridoshaj heart disorder fasting is advisable followed by dosha alleviating treatment.

o    In Krimij heart disorder drug induced evacuation of bowels, fasting and therapy improving digestion is recommended. All drugs that work against disease causing organism are used.

o    Use of Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna), Shring, Gold, Ginger and Karvira (Nerium indicum) in heart disorders is advisable.