The dangers of sleep deprivation

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The dangers of sleep deprivation

There is nothing more refreshing than getting a good night’s sleep. Researchers have reported that getting six or fewer hours of sleep daily could impair the cognitive performance (i.e. activities which involve knowing, thinking, learning and judging) of a person. Inadequate or poor sleep can result in poor concentration.

The researchers conducted a 2-week study on a group of persons who slept just 4 hours a night. This group was compared with two groups, one having 10 hours sleep a night and another group, which was deprived of sleep for three nights. During the study all the 3 groups were subjected to tests related to vigilance, response time and other cognitive functions.

It was observed that those people who were getting just 4 hours sleep daily were cognitively impaired. This group also showed declined levels of vigilance and as the study progressed their vigilance level was almost similar to the group deprived of sleep. In addition to this people getting just 4 hours sleep were less able to react and also lost their ability to do multiple tasks. According to researchers, this poor cognitive performance makes them less likely to drive carefully or perform tasks needing close attention or alertness. Infact, statistics have shown that industrial or road traffic accidents are more likely when a person is tired or fatigued. Besides all this inadequate sleep or insomnia (loss of sleep) has also been associated with poor physical health and mental health (such as irritability, depression and anxiety disorders)

Hence, to enjoy good health and be more alert and productive at work the next day it is essential to get adequate hours of sleep at night.

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