I. Anacardium

Case :

“Anacardium has shades of violence, paranoia, having normal sensitive personality and a sharp contrasting vicious sub personality. The disturbance in the inner self makes them depressed. It usually begins, when they were dominated especially during childhood; their parents were strict and forcibly impose all their dreams on them, and not allowing them to have their own thinking. When they try to take their own decision, they are punished. With domination feeling of being persecuted develops, along with loss of confidence, weak memory, dullness and confusion.

Anacardium people are tormented; gets hurt by criticism, punishment and abuse. Emotionally, they become hard and violent with a tendency to commit suicide or have homicidal tendency. They become abusive, stubborn and avoid company. They have feelings of cruelty and lack of confidence, which are both in extremes. There is an illusion of having two wills; one an evil and the other, good. Good will guides them towards doing good deeds, so they become religious; have fear from women along with fear of sex and also having feeling, as if surrounded by spirits. Where as evil inspire to put everyone on fire or any other violent thought with high sexual desire. Struggles between the two wills continue.

Anacardium appear with tense facial features, with a reflection of internal struggle.”

II. Aurum metallicum

Case :

“Aurum Metallicum is one of the best suited remedy for depression. Aurum type personality people are generally have compact, muscular body. They appear rather stiff and rigid as a result of muscle tension, which is due to their struggle to contain powerful subconscious emotions.

The Aurum people are generally susceptible to have deep depression. When depressed, the patient falls into a pit of despair, self-loathing(hatred), keep blaming themselves when things go wrong, and torture themselves with repetitive thoughts of regret and remorse, isolated from rest of the world and increasing mental paralysis. They are usuallysilent, but sometime the patient may slip into a hysterical mood of weeping and becomes thoughtless or try to commit suicide. Aurum is indicated to people, who have high tendency to commit suicide. Even in the absence of serious depression, they may think fondly of death. They engage themselves in dangerous sports like rock-climbing and motor racing.

During a crisis of depression, Aurum person may drive themselves to work in order to make an attempt to hold themselves together. They might take up icy-cold swimming early in the morning, trying to shock themselves out of their depression. Some will only discuss about the suicide or failed suicidal attempts. They exhibit emotional expression – despair of recovery, sense of hopelessness, helplessness, and slowness of thinking. They sit totally absorbed in their own-tormented thoughts. Also suited for people having seasonal depression.”

III. Natrum muraticum

Case :

“Natrum Mur is common salt and a wonderful remedy for cases of suppressed emotions. Natrum Mur is more prone to depression. Depression results from suppressed emotions. The bulk of natrum’s sadness is usually acquired during childhood, when they are most vulnerable. Unfortunate events gets suppressed, pushed out of consciousness, and forgotten. But they remain stored in the body, as a chemical and energetic memory. When the natrum individual encounters prolonged periods of adversity or sudden intense suffering, they again suppress it, hence storing into the subconscious level. When the subconscious store is full, the excess pours into consciousness, and that results into continual sadness of depression. It becomes important to realize the sadness to make the person feel better. The apathetic depressed natrum tends to sleep a great deal.

Crying also make the natrum person feel better, but usually they are silent, and do not weep. The feeling of sadness and anxiety are not expressed verbally to anyone, and very often tears are fought back. Other reasons for suppressing tears include the guilt that natrum feels, when she upsets other people. These people belief that crying is a weakness.

Wives, who have relatively loveless marriage. They take all the abuse silently; slips gradually into despair and doesn’t express it, as they havefear of losing their husband (a marked in natrum- Fear of losing loved ones). They have been victims of their lives, going from one abusive situation to another. They generally develop lack both confidence and self-esteem, with fear and sadness, rather than anger. These wives require natrum mur.

Some natrum women experiences depression during times of hormonal instability such as premenstrual, post-natal, during pregnancy and post-menopause.”

IV. Sepia

Case :

“Sepia is basically a women remedy. They suffer with depression usually in conditions, where there is too much of exhaustion like after labour (delivery). The patient is basically worn-out, physically, mentally and emotionally, which can be a result of difficult pregnancy with severe morning sickness. During the depression, she becomes indifferent towards the family, even to her newborn child. she sometime demands to be left alone, as she is exhausted and can’t cope with anyone.

If a sepia woman tries to compromises with her true nature for long, then she begins to lose her spirit, experience a gradual decrease in her appetite, and starts to live life more like a robot, with no enthusiasm or motivation inside her and feels sluggish both mentally and physically.Irritation is responded with indifference towards family and loved ones. Also loses the enjoyment, which she used to feel earlier from socializing, eating and drinking, or making love.”

These drug personalities indicates that for curing a person from its depression, individualization is important. The best analyzer can be only a homeopathic physician, as homeopathic physician have the knowledge and approach towards treating and prescribing these cases.