Selecting Symptoms



“Ms. X visits a homeopathic physician for the treatment of migraine, she complains of severe headache with bursting pain in the whole head. She feels as if her head will spilt into pieces. During her session, it was found that she had an unfortunate heart break. She could not get married to the person whom she was dreaming to get married to. Because of this she went into depression and it was soon followed by frequent headaches. She stated that after the trauma, she developed fear and anxiety related to her future. She also complaint of loss of appetite along with loss of interest in life, sadness, and disturbance in sleep. More questions were asked related to her feelings, which made her little restless as she was not comfortable in displaying her emotions. Later, she stated that she was so much involved with this person that she felt as if she was married to him. She was very sensitive to the behaviour of her loved one; but suppressed her emotions. If someone consoles her, she gets agitated. She was an attention seeker and used to have convulsions, spasms, choking, sighing, childish behavior to seek attention.”

In this case, the girl is having migraine as a result of the emotional stress and depression. She is presenting with all the symptoms of depression, which are important for making the diagnosis. But what is needed for prescribing is her feelings and emotions. Symptoms like” delusion that she is married to this person”“suppression of emotions”, and her hysterical characteristics of seeking attention through choking, convulsions and “consolation aggravates complaints” are very characteristic (unique) to this case. On the basis of these symptoms and other physical characteristics, the medicine given was- Ignatia. After which she started to improve.

Being a good investigator, physician enquires about lot of activities, which can be sleep pattern, and posture, craving or aversion to any particular food, constantly changing feelings or emotional needs. Any of these factors may help to individualize or understand the personality of the person and when these symptoms are matched with the personality of the medicine, health is restored