Every human being experiences a phase of sadness at one time or another. It’s a normal response to the stresses of life. If this phase persists for an extended period of time, it will be best to visit a physician or a psychologist or a psychiatrist for advice. Along with the treatment, certain lifestyle management steps will be complimentary to the medicine.

Motivation by Family: Family plays a vital role in uplifting and motivating a depressed person. A physician can only provide with therapy or medicine for treating depression, but to have an effective response of the treatment, support and encouragement from the family members is a must.

  • Motivation begins with encouraging the person to consult a doctor. The role of psychiatrist or psychologist can be explained in a manner like If a person falls sick with fever or cold, the doctor is consulted, similarly depression is like unhealthiness of internal emotion which requires a psychiatrist’s attention and there is nothing to feel ashamed or uncomfortable about it.
  • This act can be considered only if the person is himself willing to go or in a sensible state as excess of encouragement might result in rigidity of the will.
  • To overcome hopelessness and loss of confidence, the person can be given small jobs or activities which he can achieve easily or he can be encouraged to select the work himself. Once the job is fulfilled, he should be appreciated for it. This will help in building up his confidence.
  • Focusing on his past achievements that glorifies his strengths can be another method to boost the confidence and self-esteem.
  • Encourage him to share his inner feelings, this can also make him feel better.
  • Empathic treatment can support the person in admitting that he is having depression. Statements like: everyone undergoes a phase of depression once in their life or if the same happens to them, they might also react the same way, but medication and other therapy can help.