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Depression may be confused with sadness but the understanding of the term sadness is different with respect to grief, mourning and bereavement. For better understanding of these symptoms lets take a situation in which there is death in a family and all the family members are sad due to their loss. Here everyone:

  • mourns which is a normal cultural behavior and practice observed after the death.
  • sadness which is a normal emotion and adaptive after the loss or disappointment.
  • bereavement which is normal state of grief which begins after 2 months of the loss and remains for another 2 months. When the sadness continues for more than 2 months, it becomes bereavement.
  • grief which is time limited it usually lasts for six months to one year. It is normal state that responds to support, empathy and passage of time while depression is a condition requiring medical help.

Depression can be distressing for a person in all the events of everyday life. It can be family relationships, friendships, the ability to work, for children to go to school, sleep and eating pattern.