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People with depression may lose their will to live. This dangerous change in thought process may result in a disastrous turn. There are often cries for help sent out by the person in form of the following signals:

  • Complete withdrawal: The person has an overwhelming urge to be alone and is unwilling to communicate. He withdraws from all activities and relationships.
  • Behavior change: The person may show a sudden change in his attitude, appearance. Sudden changes in mood are very significant, it could be a sudden brightening or calmness of mood after a period of depression.
  • Insomnia: Person may have difficulty in sleeping or be sleepless for several nights.
  • Change in speech pattern: The person may be unwilling to speak or respond to repeated questioning. The length of response may be small with the sentence not being formed properly.
  • Aggression: Sudden interest in dangerous sports, pursuits and unsafe driving and sexual practices. Unusual risky behavior such as buying or handling a gun.
  • Preparatory actions: The person may give away prized personal possessions, writing a will and putting one’s affairs in order and saying good bye to friends and family.
  • Threats: The person may talk of death and at times discuss of specific plans to attain it. He may talk of other people who have attempted to take their lives or of means to do so.