Madhumeha is characterized by increased frequency of urination, with the presence of glucose in urine, which in Ayurvedic texts was referred to as (Prabhootavil mootrata). [Va.Ni.10] meaning excess amount of dirty urine.
Charaka, the father of medicine coined the term Madhumeha-Honey like urine both in terms of taste and appearance, a conclusion which he drew by observing ants getting attracted towards the urine. Madhumeha is also called Ojomeha. Sushrut called it Kshaudrameha [Su.Ni.6] as kshaudra is  honey.
In those days, this unique characteristic of the urine was the method to diagnose Madhumeha, and therefore Madhumeha was interpreted as a mootravahasrotas disorder which meant ‘disorder of the urinary tract’.


  • Sahaj (right from birth) [Su.Chi.11]
  • Apathya -nimitaj (due to improper life style) [Su.Chi.11]
  • Kulaj (hereditary) [Ch.Chi.6]