Diabetic children at par with those without diabetes!

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Diabetic children at par with those without diabetes!

Studies conducted on diabetic children in comparison to their siblings and classmates (who did not have diabetes) showed that type 1 diabetes did not interfere significantly with the academic performance of diabetic children. However, they may show some behavioural problems (especially related to things that reflected compliance, mood variability, and fatigue).

Researchers have found that poorer academic performance in some diabetic children is usually not related to diabetes but to other factors such as poor diabetic control and psychosocial burden of the disease.  These factors may cause deficit in certain skills such as memory and verbal abilities.

However, careful monitoring is still needed to minimize long-term effects of diabetes on cognitive aspects of child development (the way they percieve, learn and reason) of diabetes and its treatment.

Therefore, intake of food items like milk, cheese, eggs, liver, kidney, cabbage and leafy vegetables, that are rich in B complex can help immensely in mood disorders.

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