Researches have shown that if you want your aching joints to keep moving for the rest of your life, then the best is to keep moving. But that doesn’t mean doing high-intensity workouts at the gym or running for kilometers. All it requires is to make certain modification in your routine/lifestyle.

  • Try a nice long walk in the park. Not only is it soothing and relaxing, it also helps in burning up extra calories. Gardening too is a good alternative. The idea is to pick activities that are fun and interesting and would help you to lose some calories and tone up your muscles as well.
  • Swimming: Swimming is one of the most recommended workouts for the entire body. It is especially good for those who are over-weight as it puts the least amount of pressure on the joints.
  • Monitor your own condition: After exercising, check how you are feeling; is it refreshing or do your joints continue to ache (2 hours after exercise). If aching persists, you should try to reduce the intensity of the activity or exercise you have chosen. Keep trying till you find the most comfortable schedule and intensity. Do not overdo the exercise; take it one step at a time.
  • Take frequent breaks: Frequent breaks will help you relax your mind and body. Try stretching and walking in the office during breaks; it will help to keep your muscles and ligaments flexible and strong.
  • Yoga: This is the perfect way to maintain harmony between your mind and body.
  • Consult an exercise physiologist or physiotherapist: They will teach you the right exercises for your condition and how you should do it to prevent injuries and undue joint stress. However, keep your orthopedist informed about it.
  • Make friends: To keep the exercise programme on track, working out or exercising with friends is the easiest way.
  • Warm bath: A warm bath after a work out will help you to relax those aching muscles and joints. A good workout and a relaxing warm bath is a great combination.