Swimming is an aerobic exercise for the whole body and it strengthens virtually all of the major muscle groups as well as the respiratory and cardiovascular system. It provides excellent cardiovascular and weight control benefits without risk of leg injury.

Swimming is specially good for overweight individuals and arthritic patients who cannot take up running or jogging due to higher chances of injury to the joints.

Preference is to be given to free style stroke because it has high aerobic benefit with minimum wastage of energy.

For maximum aerobic benefit swimming should be done slowly as high intensity swimming shifts to an anaerobic form of exercise.


  • Swimming should always be done under the guidance of a professional instructor as improper techniques can lead to shoulder and knee injury.
  • Beginners should always swim in the presence of an instructor / life guard to avoid the chances of drowning.
  • Before starting a swimming programme consult your doctor specially if you are having upper body injuries or any pre existing medical condition.