Warm Up & Cool Down

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IMPORTANCE OF WARM UP AND COOL DOWN (Common for both aerobic and anaerobic)

Warm up prepares the body for a major exercise by loosening muscleslubricating jointsincreasing heart rate and blood flow to the muscles. If you start vigorous exercises with a cold or stiff muscle the chances of injuries, muscle aches and pain increases. Sudden exposure to vigorous exercises can also lead to heart irregularities even in a normal healthy person.

It is equally important to end a session of vigorous exercise with a period of gradual recovery spread over 3 – 5 minutes called cool down. Sudden end to a session of vigorous exercise may lead to accumulation of blood in the enlarged vessels of the limbs (swelling of blood vessels helps in dissipating heat during exercises) resulting in decreased blood flow to the heart and brain, leading to dizziness, irregular heart beats and fainting. A gradual cool down period maintains proper blood circulation until the blood vessels contract to normal size