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Unlike continuous forms of exercises (most aerobic exercises), games are discontinuous. While playing the intensity of exercises may vary from vigorous running to standing still. In terms of fitness benefits, they are comparable to continuous exercises only if :

  • The sport involves plenty of muscle action and the heart rate can be raised to 70% of maximum heart rate for about 50 – 75% of the play time (common sports which fall into this category include tennis, badminton, basketball, soccer, hockey etc.).
  • You play for at least 40 – 60 minutes, 3 – 4 days in a week.

Calories burnt (kcal) per minuteĀ for various games are as follows :

Game Calorie expenditure (kcal / hour / pound)
Basketball 4.4
Squash 4.1
Football 3.9
Tennis 3
Badminton 3
Volleyball 2.3
Golf (without cart) 2
Table tennis 1.8

Household activities

A good amount of calories can be burnt through routine household activities like housecleaning, gardening, lawn mowing etc.

Activity Calorie expenditure (kcal / hour / pound)
Mopping the floor 1.7
Gardening 1.8
Lawn mowing 2.7
Ironing 1
Food shopping 1.2
Car washing 1.5
Trimming hedges 2.1