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Fad diets

Practically everyone has been on a diet at some point in their life, so there are endless arguments about how they work and whom they work on.

We will try to cover some of these most popular diets along with their pros and cons in the form of a newsletter series. Firstly we are taking the Atkins diet as it is the most popular diet therapy.

The Atkins diet

This diet plan/therapy took the world by storm when Dr.Atkin’s has announced it. The basic principle of this therapy is restriction of carbohydrates while allowing a high protein and fat intake. It is based on the theory that when carbohydrates enter in our body, it stabilizes insulin (a hormone responsible for converting carbohydrates into energy). After fulfilling the body’s energy needs, insulin converts the excess carbohydrates into fats so that it can be used as energy in the time of fasting/starvation. Dr. Atkins believed that when our diet includes too many simple carbohydrates, insulin rises very fast and you put on weight. On the other hand when you do not take carbohydrates, insulin consumes the reserved store of fats as source of energy and helps in reducing weight. Moreover, this process also generates ketones that aid in suppressing appetite.


  • Due to high protein and fat intake, dieters do not feel hungry as both these nutrients have a high satiety value.


  • Severe carbohydrate restricted diet can cause dizziness and fainting as carbohydrates are the instant sources of energy.
  • High protein and fat diet can insert extra load on kidneys and liver and that’s why Atkins diet should not be followed by the people who are suffering from any kind of kidney/liver problems.

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