Frost bite

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Frost bite

Frostbite occurs in dry, cold, freezing atmosphere. In this condition the body tissues freeze due to the extremely cold temperature and may result in permanent damage if the freezing gets to the deeper layers and involves the blood vessels. Frostbite may occur in any part of the body but hands, feet, nose and ears are more vulnerable.


  • Pins and needle sensation
  • Numbness
  • Hard, pale and cold skin
  • In severe frostbite, the skin may turn white
  • In very severe cases, it may cause blisters and gangrene (blackened tissue)

First Aid

  • Move the victim to a warm and comfortable place.
  • Remove any gloves, shoes, jewellery or wet clothing.
  • Warm gently with your hands. DO NOT MASSAGE.
  • Place the affected part in warm water or apply warm cloth.
  • Apply dry, sterile dressing to the affected area without putting pressure on the affected part.
  • The victim should be kept warm to avoid refreezing of the affected parts.
  • If there is swelling in the limbs raise them with adequate support.
  • Call for medical help if required.


  • Do not use direct heat like hot water bottles or heating pad to provide warmth.
  • Do not massage the affected area.
  • Do not break the blisters on the affected area.