Genes influence heart patients response for drugs

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Genes influence heart patients response for drugs

According to a recent research conducted at University of Florida, heart failure patients can have genetic variations that determine whether they will tolerate the common heart drugs (beta-blockers) or not. In another study the researchers identified certain genes which influences whether the beta blockers successfully restore the heart to a more normal shape and size in these patients or not.

Although diet, age, health status, and the environment also decides  how people respond to medications, individualized drugs based on genetic makeup instead of taking a trial-and-error route could lead to a safer, more effective treatment approach. Due to some heredity factors some patients break down the drug molecules more slowly, so the amount of a certain drug may soar to toxic levels in the body very easily. On the other hand some patients metabolize drugs very quickly, and never accumulate enough in the blood stream to ease their ailments/symptoms.

In the past 5 -10 years there has been an increased interest in understanding the role of genetics in determining how people respond to drugs. We know that in a group of individuals, a certain group of drug will be highly effective with lesser side effects. In a different group of people the same drug will have side effects or toxicity without any beneficial effect. The long term goal is to try to be able to determine this compatibility or non-compatibility prior to prescribing any medication

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