Heavy teens have higher blood lipid levels

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Heavy teens have higher blood lipid levels

We all know that the weight gain has a direct relationship with lipid levels. In order to find out whether the same rule is applicable to teens also, a study is conducted on 400 high-school students.

The study researchers discovered that teens, who had higher amounts of body fat were also more likely to have an elevated triglyceride levels and a higher total cholesterol to HDL cholesterol.

These findings are significant because the blood lipid levels are linked with the development of coronary artery disease among adults. Teens, who are overweight at present, are more likely to become overweight adults. This will make them more prone for heart diseases. The study also revealed that teens who had less than 25% body fat had the best blood lipid profiles. So, this 25% body fat can also be used as a standard for attaining the optimal blood lipid levels in teens. Besides this they also recommended that growing children get an hour of vigorous exercise everyday to avoid developing weight problems, which may lead to poor blood lipid profiles.

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